Avoiding Foreclosure

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Are you facing foreclosure of your Utah home? If you are behind on mortgage payments and you think you might lose your home, our Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorney can help. It’s extremely stressful to constantly worry about late mortgage payments and foreclosure. Being behind on your bills is hard enough, but when your home is in jeopardy, it’s even worse. You have to think about where you would go if your lender takes your home. If you have a family, it just makes the situation that much more difficult, because you want to protect them from the anguish of having to leave the home they knew and loved and perhaps move in with relatives.

However, if you file bankruptcy, it will stop the foreclosure of your home. The type of bankruptcy you file will determine what type of foreclosure remedy you will have. Some foreclosure reprieves are short and temporary, giving you time to pack and find somewhere else to live or sell your home, while others are much longer, giving you time to gradually pay back the amount your behind and save your home.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Salt Lake City can help you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to temporarily stop the foreclosure sale of your home. Unlike a permanent solution to foreclosure, a Chapter 7 case will give you additional time to try to sell your home, work out a loan modification with your lender or find somewhere else to live. The amount of additional time you have typically ranges from 45 days to nine months, depending on how quickly your lender acts to get the foreclosure back on track.

Our clients often find this additional time to be an immense relief. No one wants to wake up every day wondering if that is the day they will have to leave their home. No one should have to live in fear. Anyone can have money troubles. Our Utah bankruptcy lawyer in Salt Lake City is here to offer assistance and protection to Utah residents who fear foreclosure may be imminent. We can help you find a way out.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Salt Lake City can help you permanently stop foreclosure on your home.  In a Chapter 13 you can erase most of your debt, but you can pay back the debt you would like to keep, such as your house and vehicle.

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, as long as you can begin making your normal mortgage payments, you can keep your house.  If you’re behind on your mortgage, you can have up to 5 years to gradually pay the delinquency back.  The best part is that the mortgage company cannot refuse your payment or say they don’t want to work with you.  As long as you can start making your normal mortgage payment, your mortgage company has to give you a chance.

Our Utah bankruptcy attorney will help you prepare a plan to keep your home and get back on track with your mortgage.

Read more about what our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City has to say about how filing a bankruptcy can effect a foreclosure in our blog.

Get a Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

Being in debt, fearing foreclosure and filing for bankruptcy are all stressful events. An experienced Salt Lake City bankruptcy lawyer can help make the process smoother for you. It can be intimidating to sit in bankruptcy court by yourself, unprepared, in front of a judge.  Robert A. Eder Jr. is an experienced attorney who has been practicing bankruptcy law in Utah for over 20 years.

Once you talk with our bankruptcy lawyer in Salt Lake City and we decide which type of bankruptcy filing is appropriate for you, we can begin the process. You have lots of options and Robert A. Eder Jr. will listen carefully to your situation and help you pick the best option.  Even if you decide not to file, the consultation is free.  Speaking with our bankruptcy attorney will allow you to understand all of your options to make an informed decision as to what is best for you.

Filing for bankruptcy may seem scary, but our Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City sees our clients breathe big sighs of relief after their bankruptcy is filed. Call Utah bankruptcy attorney Robert A. Eder Jr. at Utah Bankruptcy Inc. for help today.


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